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Langley is just one of our many service areas.

Langley has grown to a metropolis and is buzzing with activity and hustle, and people are very busy indeed and many need help with house cleaning Langley and help with office cleaning in Langley. This has made it extremely difficult to find competent and available house cleaners and office cleaners in Langley but at Abbotsford Cleaning we are ready, willing and able to help!

Our Langley regional office location makes it possible to easily service Langley for house cleaning and office cleanings.

We all try to schedule our tasks to get everything done, but often cleaning the house or office is the last item on the list because we simply do not have enough time! That is where Abbotsford Cleaning can help. The solution to our time constraints is to hire the professionals at Abbotsford Cleaning to get it done! Our passion for cleaning will attend to your needs to have a tidy and organized and super clean space with a reliable cleaning company doing the job. Make us your choice for cleaning!

We are an established full service cleaning company offering the residents and businesses of Langley superior professional house cleaning service at very affordable rates. All of our staff are professional, friendly and experienced cleaners. They know what to do, and how to do it properly and efficiently in all homes and offices. We specialize in Commercial Cleaning Services in Langley as well. Office cleaning in Langley is right up our alley.

We also specialize in move-in cleaning services in Langley and move-out cleaning services in Langley. Landlords require a thorough move-out cleaning from renters before they return the last month’s deposit rent, and we are up to the task so that you get your deposit back. Please check our comprehensive list of what we do on our web site. All cleaning staff are fully bonded and trained in COVID-19 Safety Protocols and are fully vaccinated.

We can arrange for weekly, biweekly or monthly cleanings on a schedule so you know ahead of time that your space will always be organized and clean.

This is what Sam at Paradiso homes said about us…

“I heartily recommend Abbotsford Cleaning because they are trustworthy, do an excellent job and are readily available to do the jobs I need done, many times with fairly short notice.”

Sam of Paradiso Homes


And James says this..

“ Abbotsford Cleaning have been our cleaning vendors for some time now. Davinder and her team take pride in their work and it shows. We have always found they provide excellent service and profile a professional image. Whenever we have made a change to our schedule or request additional cleaning like deep cleaning or window cleaning, they adapt without an issue. I would highly recommend Abbotsford Cleaning for your cleaning needs.” 

James Associate Dealer

Contact us today for a quote and schedule. E-mail us at or call (416) 487-0142 and leave us a message if we are busy on the phone.

We also service the surrounding areas in the Fraser Valley such as

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